Top 5 Rare Bicentennial Quarters Worth Over $10,000

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Double Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter: A rare error where the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" appears doubled. Such a coin could be highly sought after by collectors.

Off-Center Strike Bicentennial Quarter: A quarter struck significantly off-center, yet retaining all its details, could be worth a lot to the right collector.

Full Drum Lines Bicentennial Quarter: A quarter with exceptionally clear and detailed drum lines on the reverse could command a premium, especially in uncirculated condition.

Silver Composition Error Quarter: If a Bicentennial quarter was mistakenly struck on a silver planchet from pre-1965 stock, its value would skyrocket.

Overstruck Bicentennial Quarter: A quarter that was overstruck on a previously minted coin could be a unique find, making it extremely valuable.

Proof Error Bicentennial Quarter: A proof quarter with significant errors, such as missing elements or misaligned dies, could be worth over $10,000 to collectors of numismatic oddities.

Double Struck Bicentennial Quarter: A coin struck twice with a noticeable shift between strikes could be a rare collector's item.

Reeded Edge Error Quarter: A Bicentennial quarter missing its reeded edge could be a mint error that collectors would pay a premium for.

Misprint Bicentennial Quarter: Any Bicentennial quarter with a significant misprint or anomaly, such as incorrect metal composition or color, could be highly prized.

Special Mint Set (SMS) Bicentennial Quarter with Cameo or Deep Cameo Finish: While not necessarily rare, a Bicentennial quarter from a Special Mint Set with exceptionally high-quality cameo finishes could be valued over $10,000, especially if it's graded by a reputable coin grading service.