Coin Collector's Paradise: 8 Bicentennial Quarters Valued at $45K Each

Let's Start

1976 S Silver Proof Quarter: Minted in San Francisco, this proof quarter with a mirror-like finish is sought after for its historical significance and pristine condition.

1976 D Silver Uncirculated Quarter: Struck in Denver, this uncirculated quarter is rare due to its limited release and silver content, making it a collector's dream.

1976 S Silver Proof Quarter, No S Variety: An extremely rare error coin where the "S" mint mark was omitted, making it a unique find for collectors.

1976 Silver Quarter, Double Die Obverse: Featuring a double strike on its obverse, this quarter is a rarity that error coin collectors highly prize.

1976 S Silver Quarter, Ultra Cameo: Known for its deep cameo contrast between the frosted design and the mirror-like background, this quarter stands out in any collection.

1976 Quarter with Off-Center Strike: A minting error resulted in an off-center strike, making this quarter a rare and valuable piece for collectors.

1976 D Quarter, Struck on Nickel Planchet: This quarter was mistakenly struck on a nickel planchet, making it a rare find due to its composition and size anomaly.

1976 Quarter, Overstruck on a 1976 Penny: An incredibly rare occurrence where the quarter was struck over a penny, combining elements of both coins.

1976 S Proof Quarter, Deep Cameo with Misaligned Die: The misalignment of the die during striking gives this coin a unique appearance and adds to its rarity.

1976 Quarter, Triple Struck with Rotated Dies: A highly unusual error where the coin was struck three times with rotations, creating a fascinating and rare collectible.